All of our pet services are completed using high-grade, Ultra- Luxury pet products and tools.

Membership Schedule 

All packages include two visits every six weeks. 

The six week scheduling includes the premium package every six weeks and the moisturizing bath alternating every six weeks consisting of eight total visits. 

Appointments will be scheduled upon joining the membership. 

Members will also receive a welcome box.

Committed to Providing a world class experience for you and your pet. 

Regular maintenance grooming and nail care is imperative for optimum health and proper hygiene, which directly affects your pet's quality of life.

Our membership plans make it easy to keep your pet's looking and feeling their furry best year-round.  While bathing your pet at home is certainly better than no bath at all, having your pet's professionally groomed provides many additional benefits it can save you allot of time and energy. Routine bathing, drying, brushing, nail trimming, and teeth brushing can help prevent potential issues including but not limited to matted hair, unhealthy skin, and many other problems and issues that may cause your pet discomfort. Professional groomers not only have the compassion and patience for grooming your pet but we are experienced with puppies to seniors, or a pet with behavioral issues, with frequent handling we know your dog and can often detect new or worsening bumps, lumps, and skin problems. we also look for signs of problems such as ear infections. We also have access to the best grooming products and tools on the market.

Frequent & routine grooming help:

          * Promote healthy skin & Coat 

* Well Kept nails 

      * Decreased shedding 

and of course, a happy pet!


Dino Suds N Scissors offers high quality grooming services so every pet in the Vernal area can look and smell their best! Book your next appointment with our team today!

Member Benefits 

* 10 % off all Retail "in stock" *10% off Daycare & Boarding 

  * Priority Booking      * Paw Balm            *Member Gift Box  

* NO Deposits Required           * Salon Upgrade (once every 6 weeks)           Scent of the Month, Mud Splash, Oatmeal Bath

* Regular Appointments to keep your pup Happy and Healthy                                            * Birthday or Holiday gift (During your 6 months)

Dino Suds N Scissors Reserves All Right to Cancel Memberships. Matted Coats, Special Handling (More Than 1 Groomer), May Result in Additional Fees During Your Visit