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Black Wood Slicker Brush 

Slicker brushes are ideal for daily use, especially for dogs with long hair, such as Poodles, Doodles, and any other breed with long hair that requires upkeep. These brushes are effective in preventing matting and maintaining lengthy hair. 


Combs serve as an excellent tool to ensure your dog's hair is free of tangles, making it easier to maintain their coat. 

Plastic Green Sicker Brush

Despite being more affordable, this slicker brush is a reliable option for at-home grooming, akin to the products we typically use. 

Green Gruff Supplements 

Green Gruff chews aren't medication, but they also aren't treats. So what are they exactly? 

Green Gruff soft chews are meant to be given to our dogs daily so that they can experience the ongoing support of having a daily health supplement. Our soft chews contain vet-recommended ingredients that may assist dogs in living a happier, healthier daily life.

Our soft chews are produced with premium-quality and sustainable ingredients to encourage and support the overall wellness of our dogs. While our chews aren't a daily medication for your dog, these pet supplements are made with the utmost quality and care to help give your dog the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Whether it be our EASE soft chews for hip and joint pain or our RELAX calming soft chews, we hope our supplements can help your dog live their very best life.

Currently only Sold in Store 

Green Gruff CBD Products 

You've heard of CBD, right? What about CBD for pets?

CBD is a product that is directly derived from cannabis. Some associate cannabis with the psychoactive or "high" effect that comes from the THC cannabinoid in the marijuana plant. However, while it is a derivative of the marijuana plant, CBD does not induce a high and has been found to provide many benefits for humans, and for our furry best friends. Among the large amounts of benefits CBD can offer, it also may support balanced behavior, particularly in unfamiliar environments and novel situations. CBD helps maintain a healthy mind and body which may help with better sleep, behavior, and much more.

Lastly, when given to your pup, CBD may help to support joint stiffness caused by typical daily activity. As we know, our younger dogs love to be active. However, as they age, it's natural that our dogs get uncomfortable from time to time and find it more difficult to do what they were once used to. Fortunately, CBD can help them get back to playing games of fetch, long walks in the park, and having fun like they did when they were puppies!

At Green Gruff, we see the benefits of CBD in our dogs every day. It has helped all of our furry best friends in many ways and we're sure your pup can benefit too. Giving your dog Green Gruff with CBD can allow for mail-man chases, long games of fetch, and head-out-the-window rides for years to come.

Considering giving your own dog CBD? Let us know if you have any questions!

Currently only sold in store